Penifame (Ayurvedic Penis Enlargement Pill)

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  • Ext Ashwagandha
  • Ext Kaunch
  • Ext Gokhru
  • Ext Shatavari
  • Ext Vidarikand
  • Ext Shilajit
  • Ext Salampanja
  • Ext Harmali
  • Ext Brahmi
  • Jaiphal Beej
  • Tribhang Bhasma
  • Keshar Powder
  • Moti Bhasma

Increase the size of your penis with Ayurvedic Penifame.

Are you unhappy over the fact that your penis size is not enough to give your proper satisfaction in your sex life? Is it the reason for growing of an inferiority complex inside your mind? Do you feel bothered before your lady love about the size of your penis and suffer humiliation? Here is a remedy of all these. Penifame, a purely herbal based ayurvedic Penis enlargement pill to bring back your lost confidence and enjoy a contented life.Penifameworks in a natural way to increase penis size to the desired level. It is a Penis Elargement Medicine to increase your penis length and thickness. This natural Penis Enlargement Medicine works without any pain or side effects whatsoever without any painful surgical process.Penifame is the other name of sexual satisfaction which millions of male crave for since time immemorial.


Penifame is a revolutionary ayurvedic penis enlargement pill for increasing penis size which finds its origin in Afghanistan almost centuries ago.It is said that some Hakims of Afghan region reached India wandering across the Indian subcontinent. Here they came into direct contact with several Ayurvedacharyas who practised vedic medicinal therapies. This close proximity with vedic scholars enabled them to invent a miracle Penis enlargement pill. Since then, the age old tradition is still followed to produce the medicine in the brand of Penifame as a Penis Enlargement medicine.Since invention the product has acclaimed high acclaim in the field of Penis Enlargement Medicine.


Penifame is a 100% herbal based ayurvedic penis enlargement pill to increase your penis size by upto 1-3 inches in length and upto 32% in width. Its authentic herbal extracts works in a natural way to increase penis without any kind of side effects. This herbal ayurvedic medicine has revolutionized the world of persons with short sized penis length. The best aspect of Penifame is that it doesnot have any side effects and results are achieved without any painful surgical procedures. Worries of the individuals who have been cheated or disappointed to view or use several medicines after searching a lot in the internet are over. In the world of falsehood and untruthful claims around Penifame brings final relief to all who seek a natural way to increase penis. Penifame has received a huge acclaim throughout the world as a magical Penis Enlargement Medicine. Penifame means the key to happiness in your conjugal life.


  • 100% Safe to use in terms of health issues.
  • Penis size increases upto 3 inches in length and upto 32% increase in width.
  • Purely herbal product.
  • Accelerate cell division of penis muscles helping blood flow to penis.
  • Its a 100% natural and ayurvedic food suppliment.
  • Excellent results within 1 month of use.
  • Ayurvedic food supplement with 100% natural herbal medicine.
  • 24 X 7 helpline for any support.
  • No tension of surgery.
  • No additional expenditure of surgery
  • 100% money back guarantee.


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