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Despite the onslaught of modern science and methods of treatment, the perennial naturopathic system of health care called Ayurvedic has survived the test of time. Keeping this positive effect in my mind Cure Totally has come up as a ray of hope for the people who have been experiencing problems relating to multiple pains and personal problems regarding their sex life. The journey of Cure Totally began in the year 2009. We offer natural and highly effective compositions that has fetched us a distinguished space in the world of Herbal therapy through the products viz. Reliefaim, Penifaim , Power Love Booster, Peniveda Oil etc. Through our meticulous research personnel we are making continuous efforts to provide 100% customer satisfaction by delivering standardized herbal products to our customers. We always strive to invent ways to minimize agonizing pain of millions of individuals through our Herbal products without any side effects and surgical procedure. Except the domestic market, we are trying to reach to our valued overseas customers. Cure Totally is committed to serve its consumers with top quality products at an affordable price.

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Reliefaim (Ayurvedic Medicine for Knee/Joint Arthritis Pain)


Penifame (Ayurvedic Penis Enlargement Pill)


Peniveda Oil (Only For Men)(Best Penis Erection Oil)


Power Love Booster (Ayurvedic Male Sexual Energy and Stamina Enhancer Pill)


Reliefaim (Ayurvedic Medicine for Knee/Joint Arthritis Pain)

Reliefaim is an ayurvedic joint pain medicine invented by a group of expert Ayurvedacharyas approximately 50 years ago.Despite having great reputation for curing several ailments of pain relief, Reliefaimis a panacea for joint and muscular pains.Reliefaim has been made completely from organic derivatives of both indigenous origin such as Neem, Tulsi as well as some rare species of herbs from South Africa.The specialized formulation of the powder based medicine is extremely useful for effective Ayurvedic Treatment for Knee Pain. The powder is needs to be mixed with warm oil (coconut, olive or mustard oil) for application on the effective part of the body.The instruction manual for application of the medicine is provided separately inside the Reliefaim box.Over the years Reliefaim has acclaimed a huge reputation world over as a hassle free Ayurvedic Joint pain medicine.It is a proven fact today to the people suffering from Joint and knee pains that Reliefaim has changed their lives for good. Read More

Penifame (Ayurvedic Penis Enlargement Pill)

Increase The Size Of Your Penis With Ayurvedic Penifame

Are you unhappy over the fact that your penis size is not enough to give your proper satisfaction in your sex life? Is it the reason for growing of an inferiority complex inside your mind? Do you feel bothered before your lady love about the size of your penis and suffer humiliation? Here is a remedy of all these. Penifame, a purely herbal based ayurvedic Penis enlargement pill to bring back your lost confidence and enjoy a contented life. Penifame works in a natural way to increase penis size to the desired level. It is a Penis Elargement Medicine to increase your penis length and thickness. This natural Penis Enlargement Medicine works without any pain or side effects whatsoever without any painful surgical process. Penifame is the other name of sexual satisfaction which millions of male crave for since time immemorial. Read More

Peniveda Oil (Only For Men)(Best Penis Erection Oil)

Get harder erections and feel extreme sexual pleasure with Peniveda Oil.

Are you suffering from weak erections? Are you suffering from premature ejaculation? Are you feeling depressed due to erectile dysfunction? Do you want to increase the size of your penis? Start using Penis erection oil like Peniveda Oil and you shall achieve what you crave for. Your entire sexual life gets a boost as you achieve rock hard erections by applying this oil. It is one of the best erectile dysfunction oil for stronger penis erection.

What is Peniveda Oil?

Peniveda Oil is a herbal miracle penis erection oil for rock solid erections, developed by the Kabirajs (ayurvedic experts) to boost stronger erections, virility and sexual stamina. With the ayurvedic wisdom and expertise acquired over the years, the Kabirajs (ayurvedic experts) have made a super oil which gives total nourishment to the penis, making it very powerful. Peniveda Oil is made from a blend of various herbs collected from the Himalayan foothills and various other medicinal herbs like neem and tulsi from across the world. Regular massage of Peniveda Oil on your penis enhances its strength and helps you to get rid of weak erections. Plus it also helps to increase the size of penis without any side effects. Read More

Power Love Booster (Ayurvedic Male Sexual Energy and Stamina Enhancer Pill)

Boost your sexual power and well-being with ayurvedic stamina pills to last longer in bed

Are you depressed due to erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation? Are you suffering from weak or soft erections? Is your sexual partner dissatisfied by your sexual performance? Then instead of wasting more precious time, buy Power Love Booster and gain sexual powers. Get rock hard erections and make your lady love excited with your amazing sexual stamina and strength with help of ayurvedic sex medicine for power and stamina.

What is Power Love Booster?

Among many other herbal formulas, Power Love Booster is another super force formulated ayurvedic herbal pill for sexual power by the Kabirajs (ayurvedic experts) that boosts male sexual power a stamina pills to last longer in bed. According to the kabirajs, sexual activity is divine and the fulfillment of sexual desire is the actual definition of eternal bliss. Keeping the paramount importance of sexual activity in mind, the Kabirajs formulated a herbal miracle to enhance libido and increase male sex power. In addition to herbs used from the himalayan foothills, the Kabirajs have used medicinal herbs from all across the world, including herbs from Indonesia like neem and tulsi which were blended to enhance the product. Read More

Satisfaction achieved by our customers is phenomenal.


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Cure Totally delivers 100% natural products in harmony of human body with elements of nature and the surrounding environment for a stress free and healthy life.

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The business motive of Cure Totally is to provide 100% customer satisfaction. Cure Totally deals with only genuine and guaranteed products with 100% money back facility to its valued customers.

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Cure Totally products are verified by over 40 renowned physicians world over. It’s product range has acclaimed an overwhelming goodwill cutting across all age groups and sex.

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